About us

YON Beyond was founded in 2009. The original group of authors came together after completing the Queensland Writers Centre Year of the Novel course. The group has changed with the times and now includes new members that share a like passion for writing.

We cover a broad range of genres including children’s books, CYA, young adult, new adult, memoirs, short stories, contemporary romance, crime, romance suspense, erotic romance, historical romance and fantasy.

YON Beyond meets online every Tuesday night from 8pm until about 10pm.  In addition to this, we meet in a face-to-face environment, either at a coffee shop or at the State Library of Queensland, to share experiences, knowledge, and support.

The group conducts an annual writers retreat to further our skills and provide a more focused environment to work on manuscripts, brainstorm, provide feedback and generate new story ideas.

2013 was a noted year of success for our group as it saw three of our authors publish their novels (Noelle released three!). Another is under contract for launch in 2014 and two other authors are in stages ready to submit to publishers.  These exciting developments have seen us attend book launches, participate in blogs, discover the world of online marketing and uses of social media to promote our books and conduct our own public appearances and speeches.

We are dedicated to furthering our education to enhance our writing skills. We’ve participated in diplomas and online short courses or master classes and workshops through Queensland Writers Centre and Romance Writers Association. We’ve all attended various conferences including RWA, GenreCon, ARRA, Conflux and WorldCon, and share our experiences with the group at our regular catch-ups. Many of our members have also undertaken manuscript development, professional editing and mentoring with Flourish Editing to fine tune our novel writing skills.

We love to write. It is in our blood.

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